vendredi 25 janvier 2008

R D Roth : All the World Requires

Paroles et musique RD Roth (c) 2002

St. Paul was down
But he found his way to town
Walking in the rain
As if to say he couldn't drown

The streets are loud
He falls into a crowd
Lining up his cares
and his worries in a row

His coat is blue and blue
Elbows wearing through
And all the while he listens
To your tales of fear and grief

And through it all he smiles
Eyes upon you all the while
The comfort that he lends
Will cost you nothing in the end

How many songs
Can the sky give away
How many stories can deliver you today
Eyes upon the ground
Hands upon your knees
All the world requires is a smile for relief

A mailbox with no name
A hero with no fame
Once you watched a burning building
Lit up pumpkin style

He smiled as if to say
It's better off that way
The lights upon your bottles
The lights upon the clouds

When the sun comes up today
Burning off the haze
You turn to your new friend
Ask him where to go from here

But St. Paul is gone
And you knew it all along
Nothing but his smile
And the time you shared remain.


When St. Paul is found
You'll embrace him with a sound
He'll be tying flies
Trying hard to make 'em pay

When St. Paul is down
He doesn't show it with a frown
He lets the cares of others
Melt his bitterness away


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